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Marine Cargo Insurance

Marine Cargo Insurance offers coverage against financial loss resulting from in-transit cargo loss or damage over waterways, land, and air.

We offer two types of Coverage:

Single Voyage Policy:

This policy is designed primarily to cover cargo shipments made by the infrequent shipper.

Open Cargo Policy:

This policy is designed for the frequent shipper and covers all shipments. The shipper is obligated to insure and declare the risk. Anyone from Shippers, Consignees, Distributors, Manufacturers, Retailers, Freight Forwarders, Importer traders, etc. could utilize this type of Insurance.

Insurance for International shipments can be done on a warehouse to warehouse basis, meaning that in addition to coverage offered during ocean voyages or international flight, the policy will offer coverage during land or air transportation from the shipper’s warehouse to the sea port or airport at which the ocean voyage or international flight originates.

There is also coverage from the sea or airport to the buyer's warehouse.

You can ensure the safety of your cargo in any part of the world!

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