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At Caricom we recognize and appreciate the loyalty of our customers who have supported us throughout the years. With this in mind, during these difficult economic times we offer the following benefits to all eligible clients.

Just a few more reasons why Caricom is the best choice for all your Insurance needs!

Happening Now!!!!
Sign up for Third Party Coverage or switch to Caricom today and receive a 20% discount on your annual premiums. That’s 20% off our normal price for new customers and 20% off what you currently pay for customers switching from other insurance companies! Join us or make the switch today and save big!

Extended Offers

  • No Claim Discount – a 10% discount on premiums for the first year accident free, followed by and additional 5% in subsequent years up to a maximum of 30% for Hire Vehicles, 40% for commercial vehicles and 50% for private vehicles.
  • Fleet Insurance Coverage – 5% discount on first premium for 2 to 5 vehicles. 10% discount on first premium for 6-10 or more vehicles.
  • Loyalty discount – 3% discount on renewal premiums every 5 years for maintaining policy with the Company.
  • Accident Forgiveness – if you have been a customer for four years, and have remained accident free for 3 consecutive years, premiums would not be increased if an accident happens after this time – even if you’re at fault. There is no hidden or additional charge for this. However, it must be clear that this offer applies only to the first accident after the specified period.
  • E-Buy – save $1,500 instantly on your first policy simply by downloading and completing your application form.
  • Multiple Policies – receive a 5% discount on your motor premium if you have one or more policies insured with us.
  • Pay in full – pay your entire policy upfront (yearly) and get a 3% discount on premium. (For Auto Insurance this applies to Comprehensive Coverage Only)
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