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Third Party Coverage

Comphrehensive Coverage

Auto Insurance Coverage

If you want to drive your own vehicle, you must be insured!

Motor Insurance (compulsory) is governed by the Motor Vehicle Insurance (Third Party Risks) Act, Chapter 51:03 of the laws of Guyana and is required of all owners and users of motor vehicles and extends to private vehicles, commercial, hire, agricultural, heavy duty vehicles etc.

Coverage is designed to cover potential auto-related damages, loss or injuries. It helps protect you, your passengers, your fellow drivers, pedestrians, other people's property and your vehicle. It can also help protect you in the event of an automobile-related lawsuit.

We provide coverage for all of the following:

  • Private Vehicles
  • Hire Cars/Mini Buses
  • Light/Heavy Commercial Vehicles
  • Motor Cycles
  • Agricultural Vehicles
  • Heavy Duty Equipment
  • Mobile Plants

Documents required:

  • ID Card
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Valid Driver’s License

Types of Coverage offered:

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