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Third Party Coverage

Comphrehensive Coverage

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What We Offer

  • Auto
  • Contractors
  • Property
  • Marine

 If you want to drive your own vehicle, you must be insured!

Motor Insurance (compulsory) is governed by the Motor Vehicle Insurance (Third Party Risks) Act, Chapter 51:03 of the laws of Guyana and is required of all owners and users of motor vehicles and extends to private vehicles, commercial, hire, agricultural, heavy duty vehicles etc.

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Our staff members are skilled and knowledgeable in the areas of insurance, finance and engineering. This allows us to make fast professional underwriting decisions in order to serve you better.

Types of Coverage offered:

  • Bid Bonds
  • Performance Bonds
  • Advanced Mobilization Bonds
  • Contractor’s All Risk
  • Public Liability
  • Employers’ Liability

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 Property Insurance Coverage not only covers your building in the event of a loss but can also extend to ensure the safety of your contents e.g. furniture, appliances, stock, machinery, jewelry, paintings etc. if damage, theft or loss occurs.

We offer coverage for:

  • Private dwellings
  • Commercial dwellings
  • Industrial businesses
  • Contents

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 Marine Cargo Insurance offers coverage against financial loss resulting from in-transit cargo loss or damage over waterways, land, and air.

We offer two types of Coverage:

Single Voyage Policy:

Open Cargo Policy:

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